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Chicago Window Repair and Replacement Services

Window Repair in Chicago

Window repair is something that most of the homeowners are not looking forward to, in as much as it can greatly help them in saving huge amount of money and increasing the overall value of their home. Among the huge numbers of things that hinder people from investing in any type of window repair services is because they are not aware that they are in need of such service in the first place.

To those homeowners who are not aware of the importance of window repair services, here are some of the signs that you need to know. These signs will serve as your stepping stone towards investing in immediate and high quality Chicago window repair services and these are as follows:

  1. Paying High Energy Bills

 Are you following energy saving habits at home yet you are still paying for high energy bills? Well, if yes, your windows could be the primary cause of such problem. If your windows are not repaired for a long time, then there could be a possibility that these are not efficient anymore. This is definitely one of the most obvious signs that you need to invest in window repair services to fix your window.

  1. Feeling Uncomfortable In Your House

If your house doesn’t warm up or cool down to its desired temperature, then this can be a sign that your window is experiencing a problem. Basically, windows at home should always trap the heat inside your house specifically during winter. This also reflects the heat away during summer season. But, if this is not the situation, then there is no doubt the repair services are needed to fix the problem.

  1. Water is Getting Inside The House

One of the most obvious sign that forces you to get in touch with window repair services is when the water starts to get inside of your house during rainy season. This can immediately result to molds, weakness and cracks of the walls and all other foundations of your house. One of the best thing that you need to do is to get in touch with repair services to assure that your windows will be properly and effectively sealed.

  1. Closing and Opening the Window is Difficult

If you are experiencing difficulty in closing and opening your windows, then it’s now the time for you to seek for repair services. Windows that failed to close and open contributes to significant energy loss. To solve such issue, it is imperative for you to let professional and skilled people repair your window as early as possible.

  1. Windows are Getting Cold and Fog Easily

This is caused by the temperature that is within and outside your house. When window gets fog or cold easily, then it is already a sign that they are inefficient. It’s now the time for you to invest in professional window repair services to make your windows more efficient.

These are some of the obvious signs that can give you an idea to get in touch with window repair services. Even if window repair services might be a costly investment however it is truly a worthy one as it is more affordable compared to buying for a new window at home? This is the reason why you need to choose reputable company that offers the best Chicago window repair services if you noticed any signs mentioned above.

We offer:
• Glass repair
• Window repair
• New or repaired screens
• New patio screen doors
• Mirrors
• Glass table tops
• Window and gutter cleaning
• New windows and doors
• Storm windows
• Commercial and residential
• Hardware repair
• Balancers
• Casement operators
• Awning operators
• Casement hinges
• Tilt latches
• Pivot bars
• Sweep latches
• Cloudy glass repair

Service Areas

We are currently serving the following communities in Illinois: Bellwood, Berkeley, Berwyn, Broadview, Chicago, Cicero, Elmwood Park, Forest Park, Franklin Park, Galewood, Harwood Heights, Hines, Maywood, Melrose Park, Norridge, Northlake, Oak Park, River Forest, River Grove, Schiller Park, and Stone Park.
If you need affordable glass repair or replacement in Chicago, IL feel free to contact M and J Window Repair at 708-453-8888 or you can request service by the service request form.


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